Pilates has proven to be an intelligent, articulate, and postural aligned discipline that moves the body in all directions created by Joseph Pilates. 

Pilates establishes life long benefits.

 Allow me to design a pilates workout discipline for you.


My daughter Abbie is an 11 year old figure skater. She had months of pain in her mid to lower back and at times it was so bad it brought her to tears.

Abbie started Pilates with Elina and the difference with her back is astounding!! Elina examined Abbie, determined what muscles needed strengthening and more flexibility and then she devised a Pilates program geared to Abbie’s needs. Abbie is more conscious about what muscles to trigger versus straining her back.

Elina demonstrates and explains the Pilates exercises very clearly so Abbie can understand and then Abbie is able to execute the stretches properly. Elina is very hands on and is so conscientious, making sure Abbie engages the proper muscles. Elina is so very positive, encouraging and patient which makes her a great trainer!
We are so thankful for all Elina’s work with Abbie. She has definitely been a big part of Abbie’s healing and figure skating journey.
— ❤️Jennifer and Abbie Wiebe
I began working with Elina four months after my son was born. The pregnancy and labour left my body not how I remembered it to be. I was struggling just to get my muscles to engage. Elina worked tirelessly on getting me back to my pre-baby body while focussing on pelvic floor strengthening exercises. It was not an easy feat for either of us but seeing Elina’s consistent approach along with her charismatic charm urged me to get stronger and move forward with each training session. Thank you, Elina, for helping me to achieve my own personal goals!!
— Tina xo
Our office invited Elina Viola to head up a pilates class in January, 2014.
Not having ever participated in a pilates class, and eager to try something new, I signed up.

Every Friday for the last 4 months Elina has run her pilates class for a group of us. The smaller core muscles, the ones you never knew you had, are getting a great work out. I’m a runner and my running has improved immensely due to the improvement in my posture, which she emphasizes just about every class! Elina has given me some tips on form when I run and they are working great. No more back pain after I run.

Elina is wonderful at giving individual attention to all the participants as we aren’t all at the same level. It’s very comfortable in the class knowing you are learning something new every time and getting stronger.

The class is upbeat and fun to be in. I’m glad I decided to give it a try.
— Traci Laliberte
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