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Elina has always been influenced by her Italian roots equally embracing the duality of owning two cultures, old world Italy, and new world Canada.


Since an early childhood Elina fell in love with creative movement with her "made up choreography" and was thrilled to sign up for figure skating lessons at the age of nine it became her creative expression and still is today.


As her skating journey continued Elina had skated as an amateur, competing in Nationals and joined her first professional touring Ice Show in Canada called “The New Ice Generation." From there she did a stream of tours including "Ice Follies” U.S.A., "Holiday On Ice" Europe, Robin Cousins “Electric Ice” England & Australia, live stage San Francisco & CTV filmed “Nutcracker on Ice” and now many years later participating in ISU adult figure skating competitions. Elina also enjoyed coaching figure skating for many years to date, along with designing & making competitive skating dresses.

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